About us

From a very young age, Hindy Green would spend time with her mother baking delicious homemade confections in their cozy kitchen. As she grew older, her love for baking grew. She began experimenting with ingredients and design, creating mouthwatering masterpieces that delighted her family and friends. As a young adult she volunteered her skills at charity events and offered baking classes to women who wanted to learn from her talent and expertise. Simply stated baking was part of her DNA.


In 1995 Hindy launched her baking business, originally named Hindy’s Delights. We all know that it is hard to keep a good thing quiet. Without advertising and only by word of mouth the name Hindy Green became well known to prominent caterers, event planners and corporate customers. Her name became synonymous with heavenly cakes, miniatures, brownies and desserts.


With time, the business expanded adopting the name The Brownie Box featuring a variety of stunning gift boxes and platters. The Brownie Box products have become so popular that customers as far as Cleveland, Chicago & London have placed orders for their events.


Today, The Brownie Box offers many amazing products to choose from, such as brownies, yodels, miniatures, cupcakes, cake pops, cakes and desserts. In addition, the Brownie Box offers custom coloring to match any type of occasion or gift idea.


All products are parve, yoshon and certified kosher by CRC Hisachdus and contain only the freshest ingredients and no preservatives. Fast turnaround is available, so give us a call. Best of all the products don’t just look incredible, they taste delicious too! Once you try them, you will be back for more.